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Mr. Neelesh Bhadoriya

Mr. Neelesh Bhadoriya

In this era of scientific development, it is very much important to move with the time by updating knowledge. VIP International School is a center of excellence. It is situated at the outskirts of main city and surrounded by green trees which enhance the beauty of academic ambiance. A good start of education will certainly bring success and fame in favor of your child without a shadow of doubt. Children have inborn creativity and placid disposition as well. They learn whatever they see and read. Teacher is their role model and they follow whatever they receive in the form of knowledge. A step in the right direction may create miracles. Similarly when the correct process of imparting knowledge is followed then it can make the career of student certainly bright. The teaching staff of VIP School is good enough to bring up in them the virtues and knowledge. It's advisable to start the journey of education from VIP School to see the academic progress of learners.

About VIP School

VIP International School which is established in the year 2007 is the place where we have made the 'teaching-learning' a joyful process. This is the institution which shapes up the future and carves out the career of every knowledge-seeker without a shadow of doubt.

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Address: Mandakini Farm, Behind Enasan Village, Pardhol, Ahmedabad.

Mobile: +91-8200656240



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