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Mrs. Hinal Patel

Mrs. Hinal Patel

We provide value-based education for the overall development of knowledge-seekers. .Education and ethics are the streams that flow parallel to inculcate the moral values in aspirants. In the fast-growing world, it is necessary to move with the time, so we impart the quality education to unfold the hidden potentials of students which can change their lines of fortune and also inculcate in them the moral values fortheiroverall development. Time flies and we can perceive its effect in the field of art, music, and literature. We strive to move with the time by imparting quality education to students. The contemporary system of imparting knowledge is Mrs. Hinal Patel gaining control to make the process of teaching more joyful and resuIt-oriented, so VIP School has set up the Smart Classes.

About VIP School

VIP International School which is established in the year 2007 is the place where we have made the 'teaching-learning' a joyful process. This is the institution which shapes up the future and carves out the career of every knowledge-seeker without a shadow of doubt.

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Address: Mandakini Farm, Behind Enasan Village, Pardhol, Ahmedabad.

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