Be fit not fat

VIP International believes in taking utmost care of students so It concentrates on the overall well-being of every student. The school is having a spacious room and also the trained doctors to cure students. This Wellness Centre is well equipped with beds and other facilities for curing the illness of students. Trained nurses take care of students who are suffering from diseases.

The regular checkups of the students are carried out by the school to keep them absolutely fit for attending school.

Facilities in Wellness Centre

· Dental Chair

· Overall health

· Wheel Chair

· Patient Bed

· Ambulance in case of medical emergency.

· Potable water

Some Suggestions

· Take balanced diet.

· Drink Potable water.

· Do regular exercise

Take sleep of 8 hours.

· Do not send children to school who are suffering from communicable/infectious diseases

· Doctor's certificate is required in contagious disease.

· Please Inform the school authorities in writing if the child is suffering from a chronic disease

· Record of health status and growth status of the child is maintained in school.

About VIP School

VIP International School which is established in the year 2007 is the place where we have made the 'teaching-learning' a joyful process. This is the institution which shapes up the future and carves out the career of every knowledge-seeker without a shadow of doubt.

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