VIP International School is well-equipped with labs for conducting the experiments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology in Science Lab, Computer and Math lab. These labs are under the supervision of experienced and trained lab assistants.

The students get the practical introduction at the laboratories by lab assistants. The labs are well maintained and the students who want to study the relevant practical get the guidance of lab assistants.

The concepts, formulae, and theories play an important role to educate the students. The curiosity of students to learn more especially in labs get momentum as almost all kinds of apparatus is available to conduct experiments.

Mainly the experiments are conducted in Physics and Chemistry labs, such as litmus test, titration, tuning fork experiments. Spotting in biology and experiments related with Botany can be conducted in these modern labs.

Students learn more by doing practical rather than theory, therefore more attention is given to teach them practically and for that all kinds of apparatus and facilities are available at school to perform experiments. 


About VIP School

VIP International School which is established in the year 2007 is the place where we have made the 'teaching-learning' a joyful process. This is the institution which shapes up the future and carves out the career of every knowledge-seeker without a shadow of doubt.

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